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Others Kitchen Appliances
Others Kitchen Appliances
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  • Gas Source : Low Pressure Gas (LPG) 
  • Application :  fried chicken tempura, chips, dough, shrimp, spring roll and etc
  • Heavy duty stainless steel for commercial applications
  • Fryer basket with plastic handle for safe opertation
  • All stainless steel body, high efficiency stainless steel thermal pipe
  • Basketed with special hook, the basket can be placed one the inner bowl, easy for oil filtration.
  • High quality heating element.
  • Detachable basket handle.
  • -Stainless steel coating is safe and durable, can contain food, soup
  • -Multi function for heating food, steamed food, stew food
  • -Safe and reliable, with anti-dry burning, automatic power-off protective function
  • With 1.1L stainless steel inner pot
  • 0.65L dish plate
  • Inner lid cover 
  • Measuring Cup
  • Steam Tray 
  • 0.35L dish plate
  • 0.45L porcelain pot (White)
  • Egg Rack
  • Power Cable 
  • High-speed air circulation technology for healthier cooking
  • Enjoy tasty food and snacks without additional oil
  • Up to 80% less fat
  • Digital display & touch screen control
  • High-power performance for fast cooking results
  • Non-stick detachable basket for easy cleaning

Healthy Cooking
50 - 230 Celcius
Easy to use LCD with meal preset
Safety switch with auto shut down
No oil splatter and little to none smoke emission.
With big 10L capacity
Beautifully designed with specially designed bowl for 360° airflow.
1 year local warranty
Sirim approved


Efficient, Powerful, Evenly Heating
Electric BBQ Grill + Steamboat Hot Pot
Multipurpose: Grill, Boil, Fry, Roast, Cook, Stew
Enjoy grilling and shabu shabu at the same time
Safe Non Stick Grill Pan: Easy to Grill and Clean
cool-touch knob is very easy to install and to use


-Faster heating with larger power: 1360W, 6 L capacity to satisfy family needs.
-Full variable temperature control: 5 temperature settings.
-First-class welding finished internal divider to provide you the benefits to enjoy hotpot with two different flavors.
-Non-stick coating, protect your health and easy to clean.
-Transparent tempered glass cover, explosion-proof, anti-fall, heat-resistant, cooking status at a glance.
-Separate thermostat power cord.
-Anti-skid feet to keep the pot sits evenly.

  • Excellent powerful motor
  • Double Stainless Steel blades for crushing ice more smoothie and high speed than single blade
  • Stainless steel holding bowl included
  • Suitable for ice cubes only
  • Machine gives you a faster, mess-free operation, can make ice more smoother like snow ice.
  • Suitable for Ais Kepal Viral, Ais Kacang, ABC Ais Krim Kelapa, ABC Kepal, ABC Mango etc.