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How To Use Your Affiliate Link?

There are 2 way to use your Affiliate Link:

1) General Affiliate Link

This is general affiliate tracking link that you can use to refer your customer to our website, this affiliate link will direct the customer to our official website main page and your affiliate is attached with this customer for all product listed in our store, once your customer successfully buy any product in our store, you will earn commission for every purchase make by your customer. 




2) How to sell specified product in our store?

If you wish to focus on certain product in our store, you can edit the link follow by below step:

For Example the Affiliate Tracking ID is abc

Step 1. Copy the link for which product you wish to sell on:


 Step 2. Insert your Affiliate Tracking ID at behind of the link you copy and it become:


Most of the Affiliate Member is using this method to share the product in Social Media (ie. Facebook group)

(by using this method your customer will be direct to the product Philips CD Soundmachine CD Player and your Affiliate Tracking was carry together )