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Your Kitchen Tips & Ideas

Speaking as someone who is just starting to design and plan the kitchen, I know there are lots of great ideas out there and, although I’m trying to come up with the perfect combination, I know that when I’m all done I’ll find some more great features I wish I thought of before. But it’s never too late to improve your design so take a look at these great kitchen amenities and make a list of your favorites cause that’s exactly what I plan to do.


Basket Trays

If you want to keep things like olive oil, vinegar, etc. nice and organized, a simple basket tray like this one should do the job. It’s big enough to keep all the items you’d otherwise spread on the counter and easy to move elsewhere if you need the counter space.



Baskets are also very useful in the kitchen. If you have some open shelves in your kitchen island then you can store them there but not before you fill them with veggies and other things.


Hidden storage for potatoes

I know it seems like a tiny thing but not having a designated storage place for the potatoes and onions drives me crazy. I really like this idea of having a sort of pull-out drawers with storage baskets inside.


A drawer just for utensils

Storing kitchen utensils in drawers is actually very common but usually it’s a small drawer and everything is piled up inside so you have to dig through everything to find the item you need. But if you opt for a deep drawer like this one with designated storage compartments for the utensils then it’s a much better idea.


A mobile island

Having a mobile kitchen island which you can move from place to place depending on where you need it is very practical, especially is smaller kitchens. To take full advantage of your island, include some storage drawers or compartments.


Built-in trash containers

Nobody wants to see your trash containers when they enter the kitchen and you don’t want to stumble on them when you’re cooking so opt for a built-in system like this one. It’s basically just a deep pull-out drawer with bins that fit perfectly inside. You can have two or three and go green at the same time.


A large and deep sink

This is a feature that would be useful in a spacious kitchen. Having a huge sink like this one can be very practical, especially if you have a big family. It makes cleaning a lot easier.


Built-in espresso machine

Backsplashes are not there just to look good and to protect the walls or to make cleaning easier. There are lots of other ways in which they can be useful. For example, abuilt-in espresso machine would surely be nice to have.



If there’s space on your backsplashes then why not mount a TV above the sink or next to the hot plate? You can watch your favorite show while making dinner or get some advice from professionals.


Built-in microwave

The microwave oven is one of the big things that usually take up space on the kitchen counter. But if you can make room for it inside the wall and integrate it into the backsplash then you’ll have more room when prepping food.


Utensil rack

I find it very practical to hang the utensils on the backsplash. This way I can easily reach them when needed and they also sit there nice and organized.


Magnetic spices

If you have lots of spice jars like I do then you’ll notice they take up a lot of space on the counter. A great idea is to have magnetic spice jars and hang them on the backsplash. Great for modern kitchens.


In-counter storage

These sleek storage modules let you keep your counter nice and clean and also organize everything without having bulky drawers that are not exactly great-looking, especially in minimalist modern kitchens.


Paper towel dispenser

Paper towels are something you see in every kitchen simply because they’re very useful and practical. To save space on the counter and to make ti easier to use them, you can install a paper-towel dispenser inside the cabinet or kitchen island.


Pull-out vertical drawer

I’m still not convinced how great vertical drawers are in the kitchen but everyone has good thing to say about them so I guess they have to be practical. They’re nice forstoring spices and other small things.


Storage drawer for dishes

I know everyone usually stores their dishes on shelves on in cabinets but drawers also seem to be a great idea. This system is actually very nice and you can install these dividers and customize the drawer however you want.


Knife storage inside the counter

If you want, you can store your knives inside the counter. It’s safe and simple but make sure there are no drawers or open spaces directly underneath.


Corner drawers

The corners in a kitchen are often dead spaces and since there’s not enough room to afford that, you should find a way to use them. Corner drawers allow you to do that and gain extra storage space.


Under-sink storage

I find it very annoying that I can’t have storage drawers or shelves directly under the sink. But you don’t actually have to waste that whole space. There’s still room for a drawer at the bottom, perfect for storing cleaning products.


Open shelves

There are always things that need to be close at hand in a kitchen so the best place for them in on an open shelf. A nice place for a few shelves is above the sink or hot plate.


Double drawer

This may look like an ordinary drawer but it’s not. It’s a double drawer which means you can slide the top portion to reveal a second set of compartments for all your utensils.