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How It Works



Hometech2u offers a great platform for affiliate marketing, also known as the Hometech2u Affiliate Program. Through this program,which is completely free, you can get banners and links to promote products on Hometech2u. Once a link or banner is placed on your site (this can be a website, blog, forum, social media page, direct email, or any other online channel) you can start earning already. If visitors of your site click through to Hometech2u.com.my and make a purchase, you will receive a commission for this.






















How Hometech2u.com.my Affiliate Program Works

Vincent has a website known as Vincent-DOMAIN.COM and Vincent want to earn additional revenue from his website. Vincent decided to join the affiliate program at Hometech2u.com.my. From the varieties of product available on Hometech.com.my, Andy decided to promotes gadgets on his website.

Stephenie intends to buy a tablet for studies, and has been looking for information on cheap tablets available in the market online. Stephenie found Vincent's website and read the review articles on the Vincent's. Stephenie is interested and decided to buy the tablet by clicking on the banner on the Vincent's website. In this case , Vincent as Hometech2u.com.my affiliate will get a commission on purchases made by Stephenie. Learn More


One can mark out two basic approaches to the Hometech2u affiliate program.There are many reasons why running your own site is much safer and more profitable than just placing partner links on various resources.
In this chapter we'll analyze 5 benefits of creating owned webstores for earning money with Hometech2u affiliate program.

1.You don't have a website of your own and place your partner links on outer resources such as social networks, blogs, forums, video hostings, etc.
2.You create your own website to work with Hometech2u affiliate program (like this one, for example).

Reason 1. Control
When you are a webstore owner, you have much more control over your business, in comparison with simple partner link placement on someone else's resources.
For the first hand, you can be sure that nobody will remove your partner link or (sometimes it happens),replace it with another one.Besides, if some partnership program terms change, and you already have your own well-promoted website, you can switch to another affiliate program at any moment and keep your income.


Reason 2. More profit
One of the most profitable features of owned webstores is that people can remember your site and domain, add it to bookmarks and place orders with you every time they need relevant goods and services. Thus you grow your income significantly. Moreover, you can monetize your site in several ways. For example, add an AdSense block and get income for every click on the banner,
made by your webstore visitors. Or, you can collect subscribers' emails via a special form on your site and then sell newsletters with your special offers to this list.


Reason 3. More promotion variants
In comparison with old methods of work with partnership programs, when affiliates simply distributed their partner links throughout the Web, your own website gives you an opportunity of full application of such effective traffic attraction methods as:

1. Search engine optimization

2. Social media marketing

3. Email marketing

4. Advertising boards

5. Contextual advertizng

6. Offline marketing

All these channels are able to bring you very good traffic which converts into sales and commissions.


Reason 4. Business sale opportunity
An opportunity to sell your website is a huge benefit, considered by very few online entrepreneurs. There is always a chance, that in the future you may decide (regardless of the reason) to run another project or you may come across a necessity to gain a big sum of money in cash. In this case you can selly our project with no efforts, and be sure – there will be plenty of buyers eager to buy it. 


Reason 5. Priceless experience
Creating and promoting your own website, you get excellent experience, which can later be implemented into any online projects promotion. With every new project you'll become more and more skillful and informed – and the results will improve respectively.



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How to join?


  1. Register for Hometech2u.com.my affiliate program now
  2. Hometech2u.com.my team will review your application, and if your website fulfill our affiliate program criteris, then you will be registered as a publisher on the Hometech2u.com.my affiliate program
  3. Choose from a variety of media and creative available according to your needs to be integrated into your website. Our team also will be happy to assist you.


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